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Miguel Santana on Writing ‘Righteous Housewives’

772px-Annibale_Carracci_-_Venus_with_a_Satyr_and_Cupids_-_WGA4430Soon after my first poems and short stories were published, I was forced to face the perceived gender transgression in my narrative voice. “You are a woman,” a young lady who sat across from me at the Union’s cafeteria exclaimed. She held in her hands a copy of a university publication in which my work had been featured. My first thought: How dare you? Her assertion conjured up all the demons a young, closeted, gay Mormon man could harbor. I felt vulnerable, naked, reading too much into an utterance that was intended as a compliment. “You experience love like a woman,” she completed her analysis, easing my anxiety, and, I’m sure, that of my girlfriend, sitting next to me.

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City Weekly Top Pick!

Salt Lake City Weekly has selected The Righteous and Very Real Housewives of Utah County as a CW Pick.

440671_300“Don’t be misled by the title to assume that this new original work is intended as a locally skewed satire of popular reality-television programs—or intended to exploit stereotypes in any way. If anything, playwright Miguel Santana’s intent is to blow up some of those assumptions as he digs into complex questions of love and faith. His story focuses on the widowed matriarch of the Pratt family, all devoted members of the LDS Church in Utah County. When she tells those family members that she’s planning to re-marry, it could be difficult enough for the kids to accept. But when she announces that the groom-to-be is not a member of their faith, it turns the family upside-down, and forces everyone to confront their notions of how to reconcile the dictates of your church with the dictates of your heart.” (Scott Renshaw)

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